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Jeremy O’Connell, PhD


As CSO at Juvena Therapeutics, Dr. O’Connell guides R&D strategy and strategic level experimental design and structure for all milestones. He personally leads the proteomics division of Juvena Therapeutics R&D.

Jeremy O’Connell is a proteomics and systems biology expert with numerous publications, a PhD from UT Austin, a postdoc at Harvard, and experience leading research teams.

During his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical school in the lab of Steven Gygi he leveraged immense proteomics datasets to build several machine learning classifiers focusing on predicting protein-protein interactions within the ubiquitin system. He has spearheaded research projects in multiple tier one research institutions, including Harvard and Stanford, employing a combination of mass spectrometry, high throughput imaging, computational approaches as demonstrated in his 13 publications to date, several fellowships, and awards.

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