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Rami Hannoush, PhD


Dr. Hannoush is a general partner at Mubadala Capital, the financial investment arm of the Sovereign Wealth Fund Mubadala. He focuses on early-stage biotechnology investments, and also leads the firm’s efforts in life sciences company creation. Prior to his current position, Dr. Hannoush spent fifteen years at Genentech where he was a Senior Group Leader, and he led both early- and late-stage discovery biology programs in Ophthalmology, Immunology and Oncology, with a focus on drug discovery and development, as well as target discovery and validation.

His former Laboratory in translational biology at Genentech focused on new drug modalities and understanding the role of protein – protein interactions in stem cell signaling pathways for cellular reprogramming and tissue regeneration, and his group made important contributions in the fields of Wnt signaling and protein lipidation. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from McGill University and did his postdoctoral training in chemical biology and cell biology at Harvard.

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