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Tandis Vazin, PhD


The main objective of my scientific career has been to combine my studies in basic biology with innovative bioengineering approaches to find solutions to unmet challenges in biology and medicine. My academic training was primarily founded on stem cell engineering and gene therapy, with applications in regenerative medicine in the nervous system. After receiving my Ph.D. training in stem cell and cellular neurobiology at Johns Hopkins University and NIH, I joined Professor David Schaffer’s laboratory at UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher. At UC Berkeley, by using a combination of advanced biological techniques including biomaterial systems and viral engineering, I made significant contributions to solving some of the critical challenges faced in cell and gene therapies for treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Since completing my postdoctoral training and serving as a senior scientist at UC Berkeley, I have been an integral part of three cell and gene therapy-focused companies. I have successfully built scientific teams and departments to support proof-of-concept studies as well as IND-enabling work. At 4DMT, my department developed model systems for discovery and characterization of novel Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) variants with enhanced gene delivery efficiency and selectivity for treatment of retinal, muscle, lung, central nervous system (CNS), and liver monogenic and complex disorders. In this role, I provided scientific innovation and leadership in proof-of concept studies for multiple pipeline programs and platform improvement efforts progressing multiple products to IND-enabling studies and human clinical trials. At Ambys Medicines, I was responsible for establishing a gene therapy-focused department to develop therapeutics for treatment of severe liver disease and provided scientific innovation and leadership in various programs for liver cellular reprogramming and rejuvenation. I also served as the head of viral manufacturing. I am currently the CSO of Acrigen Biosciences and responsible for scientific development of technologies that can improve the efficiency and enhance the safety of CRISPR-Cas based gene editing.

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