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Roie Levy, PhD


From whiteboards to datacenters, Roie brings 15+ years of experience developing novel computational methods & deploying them at industry-scale. As an analytic lead of multi-omic prospective studies of unprecedented scale, he has a record of not only discovering insights from biological big-data, but of activating marketable insights for patients from them.

His research spans a breadth of ‘omic studies. Previous accomplishments include the development of DeepMass, a deep-learning model to accelerate & expand the scope of proteomic mass-spectrometry, and the elucidation of microbial feedback system capable of resisting naive dietary intervention. A former bench scientist, he is familiar with the pitfalls of biological data & works with lab-scientists to accelerate their own research.

Dr. Levy has published over 15 peer-reviewed papers ranging from metagenomics & microbial ecology to proteomics in personalized medicine. He received his PhD in Cellular & Molecalar Biology from the University of Washington & conducted a post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute for Systems Biology. In his spare time, he still does comp-bio work, but with a dog in his lap.

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