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Hanadie Yousef is a trained stem cell biologist and neurobiologist with a focus on the mechanisms of aging, with pending and issued patents, several publications, a BS from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), a PhD from UC Berkeley, a 4-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford School of Medicine, experience leading research teams, and has worked in R&D at Regeneron and Genentech.    Yousef began doing biomedical research at the age of 16, when she interned locally at a pharmaceutical company in New York where she grew up, Regeneron, to conduct research on gene therapy and cancer. It was at this time that Yousef fell in love with drug discovery and development and knew she wanted to dedicate the rest of her life to this pursuit. She skipped a grade and attended CMU to study chemistry and continue her passion in scientific research. She returned to Regeneron to continue her research during winter and summer internships for 5 years (2003-2008). During her undergraduate studies at CMU, Yousef did a research honors thesis in the Kaminski lab at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where she elucidated molecular mechanisms driving idiopathic pulmonary lung fibrosis.    In graduate school in the Schaffer and Conboy labs at UC Berkeley (2008-2013), Dr. Yousef studied the role of adult stem cells in the biology of aging and developed methods for tissue rejuvenation in brain and muscle. She published 4 first-author papers, a research perspective,and has an issued patent and a patent application based on her discoveries.

Lauge Naur Hansen
Data Science Intern

Lauge attends a five months long internship collaboration with Juvena Therapeutics and the International Innovation Program (2iP) while he pursues a master’s degree in Quantitative Biology and Disease Modeling at the Technical University of Denmark. He joins the bioinformatics and data analysts team and will gain practical experience with these fields during his degree from within a start-up pharmaceutical company.

Having earned a BS in Molecular Biomedicine and a subsequent BS degree in theoretical mathematics both from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Lauge combine scientific insight with consistent mathematical statistics and modeling. This combination of fields and his dedication to scientific research and development gained Lauge a scholarship from the Novo Nordisk Foundation as one of five top-talented Master students in Denmark within innovative life science which made his internship at Juvena Therapeutics possible.

Along with his project at Juvena, Lauge attend tailored courses in pharmaceutical regulations, biomedical product design, communication, and financing.

Only living in California for five months, Lauge is eager to explore the Bay Area, the surrounding natural sites, and meet new friends and colleagues.

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